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Our Approach

The Blank Method

We do everything to make sure our patients come first. Starting from the moment you make your appointment, we make you comfortable in our care and work to set the industry standard using The Blank Method—our way of doing dentistry, differently. Established by founder, Dr. James Blank, and recognized for business best practices and clinical excellence, we carry out these three steps each day to make sure we provide unparalleled service that does better by you.

Right Technology

We rely on advanced technology to make every outcome, outstanding. We keep up with industry trends and advancements to make sure we have the tools to provide nothing but superior care.

Right Team

We believe every patient experience should be effortless. Whether prioritizing your comfort during an appointment, handling insurance complexity, or communicating the details of your procedure, Blank Dental Group dental teams work as one to ensure the patient experience with us is seamless and stress-free.

Right Training

Dentistry is always evolving. With two decades of experience, thousands of hours of continuous education, and a global network of business and dental professionals, Dr. James Blank developed our high-performing approach to optimize patient experience and professional practice—we don’t only follow best practices, we establish them.

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